Sunday, 3 April 2016

Milo Parfait

A combination of my 20 Second Milo Brownies and Milo Mousse recipe (which are both very EASY recipes, to create a very very EASY and impressive dessert! #sorrynotsorry ! ;)

Milo Parfait

The creaminess of the Milo Mousse with the crunch of the chocolate chips is a great balance with the chewy fudginess of the 20 Second Milo Brownies.

Both of these components can be made a day or 2 beforehand, and assembly is SO quick and easy before any dinner party or event...or an indulgent easy dessert to enjoy in front of the TV :)

Milo Mousse:

20 Second Milo Brownies:

Just alternate between spoonfuls of Milo Mousse and broken up Milo Brownies in a wine glass to create layers of Milo goodness!! ENJOY!!!

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