Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Smoked Salmon Pasta (Non Thermomix Recipe)

This is a dish that I've been making for years! Even though my husband is super meat loving, this is one of his favourite dishes and he regularly requests this for lunch or dinner.
Smoked Salmon Pasta
I've tried many types of store bought pesto, and the Sacla Classic Pesto is our favourite and tastes amazing with the smoked salmon and avocado. I buy mine from Costco (290 grams/bottle), however the bottles sold in Coles/Woolies are 190 grams, so if I were to use that, I would just use up the 1 x 190 gram bottle for this recipe.
It is best served fresh, so usually I make enough for my husband and I, however this batch could probably feed about 3 people as my husband eats about 2 servings worth! For 2 generous - 3 servings, I use up 250 grams pasta, and 145-190 grams pesto.
It is a cold/room temperature pasta dish so is something that I also make for parties as it is easy to make beforehand. For a larger group/side dish, I use 500 grams of pasta (instead of 250 grams), and 290 grams pesto.
2 generous - 3 servings
250 grams farfelle or penne pasta
250-300gm smoked salmon (torn up in small pieces by hand)
145-190 grams Sacla Classic Pesto
1 x avocado (diced)
1/4 cup pine nuts (toasted or untoasted)
1/4 cup parmesan cheese (grated/shredded) and a little more to sprinkle on top
1. Boil pasta as per instructions in salted water.
2. In the meantime, place smoked salmon, pesto, avocado, pine nuts and parmesan in a large bowl.
Diced avocado
Add salmon, avocado, pine nuts, pesto and cheese to large bowl
2. Once pasta has cooked al dente, place in a sieve/colander and run under cold tap water and stir around until all pasta is cooled.
Run cold water over pasta to cool down
3. Shake off excess water from the pasta in the sieve/colander, place in the large bowl and stir together. 
Stir ingredients all together in large bowl
4. Serve and sprinkle with parmesan cheese on top.
Enjoy! :)  
Smoked Salmon Pasta

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