Friday 7 August 2015

Choc Mint Ice Cream

This ice cream is one of the recipes that made my husband a Thermomix convert!
Choc Mint Icecream
Besides the Thermomix being a super duper baby food maker, the first few things I made, a Tomato Soup, and Salmon Veloute Meal just did not convince his taste buds.... until this!!! Ever since, there is always a tub of choc mint ice cream in the freezer!
The 4 ingredient recipe is as follows:
The recipe says 100 grams chocolate, but I blitz about 120 grams of chocolate as per the first step of the recipe but at 7 seconds/Speed 7 (as I use the chocolate chips as pictured below), then when adding chocolate at the last step, I put in the 120 grams blitzed chocolate PLUS an additional 150 grams chocolate chips (we loooove a generous amount of choc chips in it!). Unfortunately, the blitzing of chocolate is really loud and offensive and there is always a crying baby after it! :( *sorry babies*
In step 3 - the recipe indicates to pour the condensed milk through the hole in the lid. One day I wasn't thinking and put the condensed milk in together with the cream before mixing. That batch lasted a long time, as it actually changed the texture of it, felt a lot gluggier and had an aftertaste. The ice cream as per the recipe is perfect, and is really creamy and refreshing. I have used it as a base for other flavours (minus the green colouring and peppermint essence) however this combo just seems to be our favourite!!

Once you have this ice cream, you can never eat store bought stuff again!! 
4 Ingredient Choc Mint Ice Cream
Choc Mint Ice Cream

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