Friday 14 August 2015

A Beautiful Mess Cake

For my 30th birthday earlier this year, I just had make myself the coolest cake I had ever made... (because I'm worth it!) ;) But now being a mummy it had to be easy, and something I could start a few days earlier and do bit by bit in between mummy duties.
I've been inspired looking at cake photos by Andy Bowdy, Katherine Sabbath and Unbirthday Bakery, with the drizzled ganache, random toppings and torched meringue, each cake very individual and different, so thought I would make my own!
This is what I call, a Beautiful Mess!

Beautiful Mess Cake

This Beautiful Mess consisted of alternating layers of golden gaytime cheesecake and pink velvet cheesecake, topped with dark chocolate ganache and pink candy melts, torched meringe, gaytime biscuit crumbs, shredded coconut, pink sugared marshmallows, lollipops, gum balls, jellybeans, edible flowers (pansies), cacous and edible glitter.....YUMMMM! 
I chose the cake flavours, as my husband loves Golden Gaytime (if you haven't seen my Golden Gaytime icecream cake post I made for his birthday), and I LOVE red velvet cupcakes.
My party was on a Saturday, so I started making the 4 cheesecakes on Thursday - 2 x Golden Gaytime Cheesecakes and 2 x Pink Velvet Cheesecakes:
TRTLMT Golden Gaytime Cheesecakes:
And I used a Recipe Community recipe for the Pink Velvet Cheesecakes (with Pink Colouring instead of Red, to go with my 'pink' theme):
I doubled the recipe for both recipes and luckily they fit well in my TM5 bowl!
I left the cheesecakes in the fridge overnight, and on Friday I assembled and decorated with the chocolate ganache and pink candy melts. I made the ganache with the chocolate ganache recipe in the Basic Cookbook TM5 chip, and Candy Melts I melted in the microwave.

Alternating layers of Golden Gaytime and Pink Velvet Cheesecakes fixed together with dark chocolate ganache at the base and between layers
Drizzled Dark Chocolate Ganache

Drizzled Melted Pink Candy Melts

After both drizzled dark chocolate ganache, and drizzled candy melts steps, I placed the cake in the fridge to set, and left in the fridge overnight.

On Saturday morning, the morning of the party, I finished off decorating my cake with torched meringue. I made 2 x batches of the meringue with my Kitchenaid with the following recipe:

Meringue Recipe:

Torched Meringue

...and then topped with Gaytime biscuit crumbs (made in the Gaytime Cheesecake recipe), shredded coconut, pink sugared marshmallows, lollipops, gum balls, jellybeans, edible flowers (pansies), cacous and edible glitter...

A Beautiful Mess Cake

A Beautiful Mess Cake (viewed from the rear) 

A Beautiful Mess Cake (close up) 

Cake cutting time with my family :) 

Cutting up the cake!!

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