Sunday 23 August 2015

DIY Nautical Themed Party Food Labels - Ethan and Harley Turn 1! (6 day party countdown)

To fit in with the boy's nautical themed party, I decided to make labels using the old school origami paper boats!
Paper Boat Party Labels
I used A5 sized brown paper, and cupcake toppers, both from the local party shop.
A5 sized paper and cupcake toppers
Despite it being such a simple origami task, probably one of the first ones I learnt as a kid, it's been a looooong time since I've made them and had to look it up! For those who have also forgotten, here's a step by step tutorial:
Step by step tutorial - Paper Boats
To get the flag in, use the 'toothpick' end of the cupcake topper to pierce the paper from the bottom to create a small hole, then slide the cupcake topper on the top!
Putting the cupcake topper flag in
You could use them for any sort of party (kids/adults) and just swap up the cupcake topper flag to suit the party! It's so cheap and easy to do! You could even just keep the paper boats and reuse for future parties with the different cupcake topper flags/labelling.
You could also get anyone in the family to help, and could be a craft session for the kids to get involved in the party preps!
Enjoy! :)

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