Wednesday 5 August 2015

Ice Cream Crunch Cake

Last year, for my SIL's 25th birthday, I made an Ice Cream Crunch Cake. As her birthday is in summer, I thought it would be nice to have something refreshing, and I wanted something quick and easy to prepare!
Ice Cream Crunch Cake
The cake is pretty much vanilla icecream, with cookies, white chocolate, macadamias, shredded coconut, strawberry and apple liquorice. I also add a bit of almonds with it, but it is a pretty flexible recipe and you could put whatever you want in there. The liquorice gives it a really nice colour burst and texture with the chewy bits through it.

I used a silicon bread loaf pan to set the ice cream cake in, as you don't need any greasing/glad wrap etc, and it can easily be popped out.
The recipe suggests to top the cake with fresh raspberries, however I drizzled over Ice Magic over the cake and topped with macadamias and shredded coconut.
The toppers I made by melting and piping Wilton Candy Melts Colourburst Brights (White with coloured specks) onto a foil covered tray in the shape of my SIL's name and '25', I then placed a wooden skewer through the piped out words and letters, and pressed silver cachous on top. I then let it set in the fridge until serving time.

Candy Melts can be bought from cake shops, party shops, Spotlight or I've seen them in some dollar shops.
This is great for if you have a busy dinner party as you can prepare a few days beforehand and quickly assemble just before 'cake cutting' time.
This is a non-Thermomix required recipe, however in the future I will probably make this cake using home made ice cream!
Recipe is as follows:

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