Thursday 19 May 2016

Perfect Buttercream Icing

This has been the buttercream icing recipe I have been using in my Kitchenaid ever since my start of cake decorating. This is easy to pipe, tastes great, sets nicely and is very versatile with colours and flavourings of your choice! 

Perfect Buttercream Icing

I've tried a few Thermomix buttercream icing recipes but always come back to my own that I make in the Kitchenaid. I haaate using the butterfly whisk with icing recipes as there always tends to be lumpy bits of butter in there - plus scraping the icing off it, and having another thing to wash just isn't my thing!

You can make this with butter straight from the fridge, but you will just need to mix it for about 3 minutes, and scraping down after 1 minute. 

This recipe can also be easily doubled - mix for 1 1/2 minutes, scrape down, the mix for a further 1 1/2 minutes.

Note: buttercream icing can be refrigerated/frozen, and defrosted at room temperature to pipe :)


1 batch frosts approx. 12 rose cupcakes


120 grams butter (room temperature)
340 grams icing sugar
20 grams milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or flavour of your choice)
Optional - food colouring

Method (Thermomix):

1. Add the above ingredients into the bowl - mix 1 1/2 minutes/Speed 5.

Method (Electric Beater):

1. Place all ingredients into bowl and beat until light and fluffy.

Add the above ingredients into the bowl

Mix 1 1/2 minutes/Speed 5

This was a batch of 20 cupcakes - I used 2 x batches of the Buttercream Icing recipe - scraped pink icing on one side, and white icing on the other side of the piping bag to get a dual tone effect

To pipe roses - start from the middle in a circular motion to the outside edge of the cupcake using Wilton 2D tip

Perfect Buttercream Icing - easy to pipe and sets nicely!

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  1. I've NEVER iced my cakes or muffins, I've always thought it's too hard. I've just made this and I'm now reconsidering my decision. I think I'm now converted.