Sunday, 8 November 2015

Meringue Kisses

To top my mum's birthday cake this year, I wanted to do coloured meringue kisses which I've seen a lot of cakes decorated with lately!
Meringue Kisses
I haven't actually tried making meringues yet in my Thermomix, however I have to 'justify' having my Kitchenaid, so I make my meringues in that!! ;)
Meringue Recipe:
I watched several Youtube videos on how to get the colour through it, but a lot of them overcomplicated things, it really is just as simple as painting inside a piping bag, filling up the bag and piping it as normal, putting more pressure at first to get a thicker base, and reducing the pressure as you lift up vertically to get a thin pointy tip. The first few ones that you make will come out not as perfect, but you will get the hang of it as you keep piping them!
I chose Wilton's gel food colouring - Pink and Teal colours as I really love the colour combo!
Gel food colouring
With a clean small paintbrush, I painted a few thin stripes of the food colouring into the piping bag - I used a large round tip for the larger meringue kisses, and a small one for the smaller ones.
Paint inside a piping bag
I then made my meringue with the above recipe. My biggest tip is to use MEDIUM speed the whole way through (I used Speed 6 on my Kitchenaid). My first try I used a high speed (Speed 9/10) and it was a massive fail, ending up looking like unicorn poop!
Failed it on high speed, Nailed it on medium speed

Perfect Meringue!
Piping large and small meringue kisses

I made the meringue kisses the day before decorating my cake, and it was a very humid day so the meringue's weren't as crunchy as they should be. My biggest tip to retain freshness is to place the meringues back in a 90 degree oven (doesn't need to be preheated) for 30 minutes, and they will came out like they were freshly made with a melt in your mouth crunchiness!

These look beautiful to decorate cakes or cupcakes, to add to the side of desserts, or to eat as a party snack!

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