Saturday, 19 September 2015

Summer Roll/Honey Nougat Log (Replica)

I looooved Summer Rolls and Honey Nougat Logs when I was growing up! I haven't eaten one for over a decade, so when I saw this recipe from Thermofun I had to try it!!!
Summer Roll/Honey Nougat Log (Replica)
They are chewy nougat rolls covered in chocolate and coconut (apparently they are pretty much the same, except the Summer Rolls are covered with coconut):
Honey Nougat Delight Recipe:
It is not exactly the same as the Summer Rolls/Honey Nougat Logs as those are cream coloured nougat covered with chocolate, whereas this recipe is a chewy chocolate flavoured nougat topped with a layer of chocolate. However when you eat it, it tastes pretty much spot on!!
I used my trusty silicon pan sprayed with coconut oil (instead of a square pan lined with baking paper).
The mixture is sticky and firm(ish) like nougat, and needs to be pressed in with a metal spoon. Even trying to get the mixture out of the bowl was too hard with my silicon spatula, and I ended up having to use a metal butter knife to help dislodge it.
Sticky and firm nougat mixture
Press down with metal spoon
I topped it with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, as I am more of a dark chocolate fan, and I wanted the 'topping' to look distinct next to the chocolate nougat.
Topped with dark chocolate and shredded coconut
Once set in the fridge (took about 1 1/2 hrs), I cut it into small 'roll/log' shapes so it is more bite sized and replicated the shape of the Summer Rolls/Honey Nougat Logs.
Cut into small 'roll/log' shapes
This chewy, chocolatey, coconuty, nutty nougat tastes so similar to Summer Rolls/Honey Nougat Logs, I actually ate a few pieces whilst cutting it up (I usually have ALOT more self control) it is just sooooo delicious!!
Summer Roll/Honey Nougat Log (Replica)

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  1. Sophia, I greatly enjoyed the summertime rolls that you made ! :). Thanks very much!!