Friday 31 July 2015

Healthy Snacks/Petite Fours

One of my favourite snacks (which I also use for petite fours as they look so beautiful) are Nushi's Jelly Joobies and Raw Coconut Rough.

Nushi's Jelly Joobies, and Raw Coconut Rough
As like most Thermomix recipes, they are quick and easy to prepare!

The Jelly Joobies are made healthy with V8 Juice and Rice Malt Syrup, and the Raw Coconut Rough uses dates instead of chocolate (but still manages to taste like chocolate with a little bit of cocoa!)

The Jelly Joobies recipe requires to use your choice of V8 juice, my favourite are Orange, Mango and Passionfruit, and Forest Fruits (as pictured). I prefer them on the sweeter side so I put in about 6 tbsp. of Rice Malt Syrup and I use Vanilla Bean Paste instead of extract as I love the flecks of Vanilla Bean throughout the jelly.
The Jelly Joobies are kept in the fridge, and the Raw Coconut Rough kept in the freezer.
There was one stage my husband and I would just eat a whole batch of Jelly Joobies in one sitting, justifying that we were pretty much having our daily intake of fruit and veg from the V8 juice lol!
I use half sphere silicon moulds I bought off Ebay and they present so well on a white plate! They also don't need oiling as they just pop right out after being refrigerated!
Nushi's Jelly Joobies:
Raw Coconut Rough:
Nushi's Jelly Joobies, and Raw Coconut Rough
Half Sphere Silicon Moulds

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