Thursday, 30 July 2015

Creme Caramel

My whole family LOVES creme caramel! My husband and I have always bought the ready made ones from the shops for a quick and easy dessert. When I got my Thermomix I couldn't wait to make it from scratch!!

Crème Caramel

Most of the recipes I found mixed the creme caramel in the Thermomix then baked it in the oven, however I really wanted to use the Varoma steaming function in the Thermomix, so after a bit of a search, I found this recipe:

The recipe says it fills 6-7 ramekins, however it perfectly fits my 8 x silicon dariole moulds I bought off the Alyce Alexandra website:
They are SOOO creamy and melt in your mouth, you won't be able to stop at just one!!
This is a great dessert to make earlier as it lasts a few days in a fridge, so you can pre-prepare for a dinner party or have some ready in the fridge for an easy weekday dessert (or snack!).
For serving as pictured, I used chocolate ganache (recipe from the Basic Cookbook TM5 chip) and spread it on with my 99c silicon pastry brush from Ikea. I find the shorter silicon 'bristles' on this brush allows it to have more control and provide a more distinct 'paint brush' pattern on the white plate.

Crème Caramel

Silicon Dariole Moulds from Alyce Alexandra

Silicon Pastry Brush from Ikea

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